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Hi, my name is Salva. I'm a male white & black Pointer Type and I'm 5 years old. I'm a medium sized dog. I'll be neutered as soon as I've settled in. The team here are still getting to know me and don't yet know how I get along with other dogs, cats or children. I'll be getting socialised with them soon and we'll keep you posted. I'll be getting my rabies vaccination, chip and passport soon.

Salva - Latin for Save
Hello my name is Salva, whether I had a name before nobody knows, and I can't tell you but Salva or Sal is who I am now.
Before I was captured I was tired, hungry,scared(grumpy) and covered in painful wounds.
I wasn't very happy at being caught but deep down maybe I was, maybe I just didn't care and my fight for survival was getting the better of me.
Anyway, they caught me and took me to a place called the vets, I was not the most friendly of boys there but I was in pain and didn't understand it was for my benefit. I stayed there a few days while people tried to help me.
I was then taken to stay with my angel ladies at their kennels. They had watery eyes when they visited me and were very worried as I had no hope in my eyes.
Over time with hours of care and patience I have started to look forward to their company, for regular meals and a safe place to stay.
The sound of their voices has helped give me hope, slowly I am learning that their touch won't hurt me.
I am having new experiences every day, new people talk to me and it's ok. I have started to be brave and explore my new safe place instead of just soaking up the sun which is still one of my favourite things to do.
I met a dog called Olliebobs and we had a little wander together, I liked him. I am going to be introduced to more dogs but slowly so I don't get scared.
Eventually I would like a home of my own,although I am healing slowly physically my kind ladies say it will take my heart a lot longer to recover. In the meantime if you could help by making a donation or doing a fundraiser to help my recovery I would very much appreciate you help.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Salva.

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