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Hi, my name is Curro. I'm a male light brown and white coloured Collie-type Cross Breed and I'm 3 years old. I'm a medium sized dog. I'm 75cm from nose to tail and 46cm tall, and I weigh 16.00kg . I'm neutered. I'm good with other dogs and cats. The team here are still getting to know me and don't yet know how I get along with children. But I love to meet new friends and I'll be getting socialised with them soon so we'll keep you posted. I've had my vaccinations and have my chip and passport so I'm ready to travel to a new forever home in Spain, or (unless otherwise mentioned) anywhere in Europe.

After an alert from a worried member of the public, I was rescued from a terrible situation with multiple other dogs, when I was found I was cowering and shaking – was it fear or just no shelter from the elements? Both maybe.

I was kept by a goat-herder – no shelter, stale bread on the floor for sustenance and no water. Can you imagine having to do a physical day’s work under this duress? And after my day’s work I was just chained up outside.

Since my rescue, I went to kennels; this brought me stability – food, water, a comfortable bed, veterinary care and the start to build a trusting relationship with a human. I am now in a foster home and am really enjoying being part of a household!

I am house trained, not boasting but it only took me three days, my foster parents tell me how clever I am. Every day is a new experience for me - car journeys, lakes and the Med with the water and tides, the feel of sand in my toes, sitting outside a busy restaurant and learning what it is like to be part of a normal life.

I love being cuddled, tickled under the chin and (sorry) but a good rub on my bottom and tail. If you dare stop, I'll nudge you sideways to keep going!

I love playing with my foster dog sister, and try to get her to play by running very fast past her; sometimes she joins, sometimes she doesn't. My foster mum tells me not to take it personally, I'm just younger and have more energy. But I watch my sister, and have learnt how to play, how to sit, how to wait for my meals.

I need someone who is experienced with fearful dogs like me, as I am so timid I don't think I can handle to travel outside Spain for adoption, so I'd like to stay in Spain.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Curro.

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