Thinking About Adopting?

Adopting Really Does Save Lives!

Thank you for thinking about adopting a dog from Axarquia Animal Rescue (AAR).

Here are a few things for you to consider before going ahead with an adoption – just contact us for any further advice and if you want to proceed with adopting – we hope you do if it is right for you!!!

You can find out about our adoption process here.

Visit our galleries to see all our wonderful cats and kittens who are looking for their forever homes.

A Cat or a Kitten?

Kittens are a lot of fun but they can also be a lot of work. Be prepared for a few weeks of disruption, a bit of chaos and mess, but a lot of fun, laughter and love.

Remember that kittens need a lot of time and attention from Day 1. They need to be taught how to use their litter tray (until they are old enough to go out) and they will depend on you 100% for everything from food to emotional care. Kittens need to learn not to scratch furniture or climb up your curtains! They need to be kept inside until they are old enough to start to explore the outside world. Although kittens are more independent than puppies they still need a lot of time, love and attention to keep them safe and to grow into happy, balanced adults. They also need you to keep them out of trouble.

If you have the time to spare a kitten will bring daily laughter and love into your life.

An older cat is often calmer and more relaxing to be around. They are usually litter trained and often already used to a cat flap.

Older cats ‘do what it says on the tin!' Their personality is already shaped so there should be no surprises in the future. Laid-back or active, quiet or vocal, cuddly or demanding, an adult cat has already settled into his own personality. An older cat will more likely sit for hours on your lap or on your laptop whilst you are working!

An older cat is more likely to be content on his own whilst you go out for a while, whereas a kitten is more likely to be constantly looking for you and getting up to mischief.

One of the most compelling reasons to adopt a mature cat is that many of these adults have little hope of getting a second chance after they are rescued, no matter how healthy, beautiful, and well mannered they are.

Do You Have Time or A Cat or Kitten?

If you live on a busy road then a cat or kitten may not be for you as it will be in constant danger from the traffic. Maybe you could consider fostering young kittens who can’t go outside instead?

Cats and kittens are a lot more independent than dogs and puppies. An adult cat will be happy at home – going in and out as he pleases- if you work full time. If you adopt a young kitty and are away from home for long periods each day you will need to make arrangements for his feeding, cleaning his litter tray and getting some love and attention.

Can You Afford A Cat or Kitten?

AAR asks for a donation when you adopt an animal, 50 euros for a kitten and ?? for a neutered adult. This donation then allows us to go on and help more animals in need. It covers all their jabs, rabies, chip, passport, blood tests etc. If you are adopting from outside Spain, you will also have to factor in the transport costs (we will make all the arrangements on your behalf).

Once the cat is yours it will need annual booster injections and if you adopt a kitten you will need to get it neutered when it is old enough. You’ll need to make arrangements for your cat’s care when you go on holiday and catteries can be expensive. Don’t forget your cat will need toys, bedding, lead/harness, food, treats, bowls, fitting a cat flap etc.

Although there is a financial cost to owning a cat, there is no doubt your new arrival will pay you back with love and laughter. It’s very special having someone that can make you smile every single day.

Do You Have Other Pets?

If you have a dog how are they with cats? Is your resident cat likely to accept a new arrival? Do you have a fish pond the cat may help himself to? Do you have birds or rodents – can you keep them safe from a cat?

Do You Have Children?

A kitten may not be the best choice for families with very young children. Kittens are fragile and may accidentally be hurt by young children who don't understand the concept of "gentle." Similarly, a kitten isn't the best choice for anyone who's a little unsteady on his feet or isn't able to chase or otherwise keep up with an energetic feline baby.

However for older children, growing up with a kitty of their very own is a wonderful experience.

Next Steps

If you would like to move forward with adopting then please contact us. We will work with you to identify the best type of animal that matches your needs and lifestyle. We will put you in direct contact with the fosterers and they can share more info on the cat/kittens’s character and personality. If you are local, then you can obviously come along and meet some of the kitties that interest you.

It is so important that you have given the decision to adopt the thought it needs. It is a big step and a lifelong commitment to that animal. If the time is right for you to adopt then prepare yourself for excitement, fun, laughter and most important lots of love!

Vets in the Axarquia

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Reporting Abuse

If you need to report a case of cruelty please contact SEPRONA

If you find a stray ...

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