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AAR Cookbook 2020

Help us develop a cook book full of amazing recipes to help us raise funds for the animals. Send your favourite recipe in by 15th November for inclusion in the book. See poster for details.

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Pawstival- Our amazing Virtual Dog Show.

Pawstival- Our amazing Virtual Dog Show. Entries close on 15th Nov. See poster for details.

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2021 Calendar available now.

2021 Calendar available now.

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Paws-a-While our new newsletter has now been launched. Subscribe and you´ll be entered in the draw for one of two fabulous prizes. See poster for details.

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Peggy And Her Pups Will Always Be Special

Peggy, as she was named, was living rough after having been abandoned in the campo where she was being cruelly abused by locals who imagined that throwing stones at her was a good way to get rid of her. She was painfully thin for a pregnant girl, bedraggled and lost. Attempts to rescue her finally resulted in Peggy being taken to Sam and Jo’s refuge as no foster carers were available to take on the daunting task of being a midwife for the impending birth.
Sam and Jo have been volunteers for AAR since the charity was set up and have dedicated their home and lives to saving dogs (and some cats) that have no home to go to.
After apprehensively watching, waiting, and trying to predict the birth, Peggy finally went into labour on 28 December 2016, with Sam looking on and making sure the births proceeded safely, even managing to video some of them live on Facebook for all to see.
This was probably Peggy’s first (and certainly, final) litter of pups and although six pups survived, two unfortunately were lost, one during the birth which was painful to see, and a second one later. This setback was upsetting
to say the least, but the focus had to be on the remaining six female pups and Peggy.
The children of one of AAR’s supporters were given the task of naming the pups and Lola, Dora, Millie, Mabel, Lily and Alice were decided upon, and these names were used to promote them for adoption as well as identification.
Watching Peggy’s maternal instincts provided much enjoyment and Sam and Jo learned a lot from
watching her and getting involved themselves. They stepped in when Peggy failed in her motherly duties– mainly around keeping them clean, which they took on without hesitation. As they grew and developed their own identities there followed a rollercoaster of emotions as, one by one, interest in adopting escalated. Dora and Lily were the first to be reserved and their adoptive families asked for their names to be changed. Dora became Blue. Her adoptive mum had watched her being born live on Facebook and was intent on giving her a home in Holland. Lily was re-named Willow and was going to London in the UK. Millie, Mabel and Alice were lucky enough to go to the same family.
As soon as they were old enough, Sam and Jo waved goodbye to their beautiful wards, the babies they had watched grow from tiny, helpless creatures to beautiful young dogs, all with their own individual temperaments, yet all confident, friendly and loving.
Lola, the first-born was strangely the last one to be adopted. Still living with Peggy, there was no logic as to why she was still not homed. When Peggy’s photos were seen by a family in Essex, she was reserved and arrangements made for her to travel to the UK. Then, as if by magic, someone in London spotted Lola’s story and immediately fell in love with her. She was reserved and, as luck would have it, she was booked to travel to the UK with her mum Peggy. Unfortunately, Peggy’s adoption fell through, but again as luck would have it, another adopter in the UK - who had fallen in love with Peggy, stepped in and took her into her family.
The adopters of Peggy and her pups have become an extended family for Sam and Jo. They are all in touch with one another so that they can follow progress, Lola and Willow live within 30 minutes from each other so will be able to meet up in the future. Peggy is now living in Dorset. Blue in Holland is regularly featured on Facebook posts and even appeared (albeit in the background) on a Dutch TV programme. The prospect of Peggy and these pups meeting up with each other at some point in the future can’t be ruled out. Mabel, Millie and Alice are living happily with their adopters in Spain.
The chasm left in their hearts at saying goodbye to this special family will always remain for Sam and Jo, but the reward of seeing Peggy and her youngsters all settled in loving homes and in contact with each other, is enough for them to prepare for the next time.

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Adopted bandanas available for your adopted dogs €7

Buy a bandana for only €7 and help to raise awareness of AAR when you take your best dressed pooch out for walkies. Available from Trapiche and Puente markets.

Added: Monday 11th July 2016 at 10:08 PM

Case Workers urgently needed - can you help?

Do you follow our animals on Facebook? Why not join us as a Case Worker and help one of them find their forever home? Contact us and we´ll tell you how.

Added: Monday 11th July 2016 at 10:07 PM

Dog walkers needed

Volunteers needed to walk and play with our kennel dogs, or just take them with you when you go for a coffee. Please contact us if you can help. Our dogs are in kennels at Riogordo and Puente.

Added: Monday 11th July 2016 at 10:05 PM

Vets in the Axarquia

See a list of some of the vets local to the Axarquia

Reporting Abuse

If you need to report a case of cruelty please contact SEPRONA

If you find a stray ...

dog or cat abandoned in the Axarquia region, here's what to do