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Nutty November Numbers

Nutty November Numbers!
Axarquia Animal Rescue sent off a total of 11 dogs and 1 cat to their new homes overseas in November.
Jamie, Annie, Jaxon, Macey, Helene to Holland and Florrie to UK. They were 6 of the 10 puppies rescued with their Mum called Chocolate, from Periana. It took us 4 yrs to finally catch Chocolate and bring her to safety. She is still in our care.
Purdy the cat , also rescued from Periana after being found in a box by the bins, is now loved in Holland.
Coco was 1 of 3 pups found in Rio Gordo at just 8 weeks old who now has a wondeful new home in UK.
Dennis the little teckel found wandering the streets at 14 months old. Despite being advertised as a Found Dog, no owner came forward to claim him, Luckily for him we were overwhelmed with offers of a home for him and he is now happily living in UK.
Mami was found with Mum and 5 siblings in the river bed of Benamocarra. Chocco was found as a 2yr old stray in Iznate during an AAR attempt to catch another dog . Both are now very happily living together in Germany.
Further afield went Georgie to Finland. He was one of 6 pups found with his Mum sheltering in the hollowed out trunk of a carob tree.
We have only been able to help all these poor souls because we had the funds and the Foster Volunteers to be able to take them on. Fostering really does save lives. If you would like to be part of making that difference then please use the link below .
Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers, supporters and sponsors and local vets and kennels x


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Santa Paws Appeal 2018


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October Trick N Treats

October Tricks and Treats
Axarquia Animal Rescue sent off a total of 8 animals to their new homes in the UK and one very lucky boy was collected by his new family from Austria . Thank you to all our local vets, supporters, sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers for making it possible.
Let me tell you a little about each of them.
Zephyr who was 1 of 3 sibling pups found at around 8 wks old abandoned in Rio Gordo and he is now having the time of his life running around in the Austrian countryside with his new family.
Rosa the kitten was 1 of 4 little things cruelly dumped in Periana. Storm was found in a very sorry state in a dry river bed near Velez. Diesel, 1 of 7, was found in a box left in the campo of Sedella, Mara was taken in and off the streets of Almayate by a kind soul . Rio, rescued from a river bed at a couple of months old covered in ticks and hungry and thirsty. Bella was found at 18 months old so obviously she had a previous "owner" . She had a very large, deep,raw and severe neck wound which needed alot of treatment to eventually heal.
And lets not forget Tico, His "owner" callously threw him over the fence of one of our volunteers homes. He was skin and bones.
They all have been taken in by AAR and been shown alot of love and patience. They have received everything they individually needed to bring them on into confident, socialised animals ready to face their new worlds. Thats all down to the utter dedication of our very special foster carers.

Recently AAR have had to turn away new cases as we just dont have any foster volunteers. Such an awful decision for us to make and not without many a tear and sleepless nights. We have also suffered relentless criticism and accusations from many , some of whom sadly offer us no help . For those individuals I hope the cases above continue to spell out very clearly what it is that AAR do and why we do it.
If you would be interested in fostering for us and helping us make a difference then please contact us

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Dog Show Class Names

Class names and list of our wonderful sponsors

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2018 Annual Dog Show

A fun day out for all the family

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Concurso canino anual 2018

Un dia divertido para todo la familia!

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Summer Send Offs 2018

Summer Send Offs!
Axarquia Animal Rescue worked hard through the holiday season to send 11 dogs and 3 cats to their new homes overseas.
Siblings Saffron, Cassia, Mia, Meghan, Harry were found, with 2 more brothers and sisters , in a box in the campo of Sedella. They were affectionately named the Magnificent Seven. All 5 found new loving homes in Holland.
Marmite and Rio at just 6 weeks old were found crying along with 5 siblings in the hollow of a tree, sheltering from the atrocious weather. They too are now happy and loved in Holland.
Barbie , one of the Colmenar 5. Born and found living rough in the campo of Colmenar now living very comfortably in Holland,
Olive , 1 of 7 pups cruelly dumped in a bin in Velez Malaga now thriving in her new home in Holland.
Zuki and Buster, 2 frightened kittens living on a windowsill in Rio Gordo now living in comfort in Holland. Malou the kitten found with her 4 siblings now purrrfectly happy in Holland.
Olive , a miracle new born pup that survived being dumped in a Velez Malaga bin along with her 6 siblings, now flourishing and enjoying her new home in UK
Petra the GSD. She was rescued after she was heard crying in pain for 2 whole days. She was eventually found dangling with her leg trapped in a tree trunk. She stayed with us for over 10 months through her recovery until we were sure of finding her the fabulous home in the UK that she so truly deserved.
And last but not least Suzi, a delightful little puppy that was walking the streets of Cutar for 2 months before being rescued. Her new family flew with her to Finland where she is finally loving life

Wow, just look at what we have all achieved by volunteering together !

Thank you all volunteers, fundraisers, fosters, caseworkers, sponsors, supporters, market and charity shop volunteers, our local vets and kennels, committee members and of course our Travel Team. x

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A lovely review.

I am a first-time fosterer and currently have the honour of looking after pups 3 & 4 of the 'Magnificent 7', Saffron and Cassia. I would like to thank the whole organisation for the level of support I have received and the energy you all put into the care of the dogs in your hands. I appreciate the way you understand what a commitment and tie fostering can be and the professional way you approach everything. I would encourage anyone to trust AAR and foster whenever they can. Thanks.

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Chocs Away April 18

Axarquia Animal Rescue flew 12 extremely lucky pups to their new homes in Holland in April.
Sid, Harley, Pedro and George days old all siblings rescued from the bins in Puente a couple of weeks before Christmas.
Buddy, Joy, Santa and Ivy days old and dumped at a vets to be pts just 2 days before Christmas.
Heidi and Gypsy days old found thrown away in the bins at Mangamasa on Boxing Day.
Copper and Buzz who were found weeks old on a campo track in Sedella.
What a great testament to the wonderful volunteers who disrupted their family christmastime to keep these pups alive and find them the loving homes they so deserved. ! Amazing!
Thank you all x

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DING DING! Tickets Please

Ding Ding, Tickets Please!
No more room on the AAR January 2018 tour! In total we sent a total of 13 rescued abandoned and abused animals to their new homes in UK and Holland. Julia,Yuzu, Poppy and Rosie the cats and Florence, Bella, Sammy, Skye, Brandy and Fudge, Mora, Honey and Simba the dogs.
A marvellous testament to all our fabulous fosters and caseworkers and which couldnt happen without the ongoing support of all our AAR volunteers, sponsors and donators. If you would like to be part of a great team achieving so much or would like to donate or adopt then please follow the link .

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Urgent Foster Needed.

A local stray Podenco has recently had six puppies in a hollow carob tree in the campo near Riogordo. Amazing that so many survived as they were born during the cold and wet weather, so she must be a great mum.There were seven, but one pup sadly has been run over and killed.. There is a plan to get the mum spayed as soon as she's finished feeding her pups, but all of them are homeless and in need of a place to go. The pups are approx 5-6 weeks old. Can anybody help foster ?

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March Madness Travel Figures.

March Madness on AAR travel front!
Holly, Figgy, Comet, Dasher, Patsy, Edina and Champ all packed their rucksacks for their new happy lives in Holland whilst Florence, Bo, Devina and Isla boarded their buses for happy new homes in the UK.
A huge THANK YOU once again to our amazing volunteers, fundraisers, sponsors, local kennels and vets that make this happen.
If you can help us with taxi runs, fostering, admin, fundraising,work at our markets or charity shop , assist with hands on rescue attempts or can just offer a donation then please let us know. It would be great to have you on board.
Please take a look though our gallery

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November in a Nutshell

November in a Nutshell! Axarquia Animal Rescue Travel Team sent off a very special little lady to her forevermore home in the UK. Mango was found starrving, dehydrated and practically bald from a skin infection, fending for herself at the side of a very busy road. After heaps of love and attention , she fought back to blossom into such a beauty! A very special girl now with a very special family. This is why we do what we do. A huge thank you to everyone who helps AAR.
If you can help foster, casework, drive for us, donate equipment, food, bedding , help in our charity shop or at our local markets, take dogs in kennels for outings or just SHARE our posts please follow the link x

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High Five! October 2017

A High Five !
for 5 of our lucky AAR dogs in October 2017.
Tara flew to her Karma in Germany after originally being found riddled with ticks and fleas at the Trapiche Budhist Temple.
Molly flew to a loving home in Denmark after a rocky start dumped on someones doorstep at just 2 weeks old.
Daisy and Bilbo, 2 of 7 siblings shockingly that were found gasping for breath tied up in a plastic bag at 1 week old, are now breathing easy in their loving homes in UK.
Finally Bracken, who had been in our care for over 2 years, he worked so hard at his training during this time that he finally found his special parents and home in the UK.
Gracias to every single volunteer, supporter, fundraiser, sponsor and of course our fabulous vets for helping us help them.
We are desperate for Fosters at the moment after receiving in excess of 10 puppies in the last 2 weeks alone. Please consider helping in this way.

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Ding, Ding, All aboard!
3 lucky Axarquia Animal Rescue passengers set off in September for fabulous new homes.
Chester joins a growing community of AAR dogs settling in to life on the Isle of Man. He was found wandering around alone with no microchip and no one came forward to claim him.
Jet who was just 3 weeks old when found with his siblings dumped in a rubbish bin is now happily living in Scotland.
And last but not least is Banjo , off to Banbury, after being found in a bin with a terrible mite infestation.
Jet and Banjo were lovingly brought back from the brink of death by our fabulous volunteers who devoted alot of time and love to them. We just cannot do this without YOU our wonderful volunteers and supporters.
Please help us continue to rescue others in need by offering your time, your skills, a foster home, volunteer at our markets and events, help us with our admin from home , like and share our posts or simply Donate funds. Every small deed helps so many in need x.

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Summer Loving Happened So Fast

Summer Loves
Not much travel by road in July but for 2 of our lucky AAR dogs it was time to catch flights to their new forever homes in Germany . Marla was found just about surviving whilst living rough inside an old abandoned fridge which was dumped on waste ground. She was found with just a colony of cats to keep her company. Kessy was 1 of 6 bin babies found in Velez Malaga who managed to pull through abandonment at such a young age and make it to her forever home. Both of them and many more like them would have perished without YOUR support so a big Gracias to you all x

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Adios August

ADIOS IN AUGUST to Mango, Pearl and Floki (previously named Merlin) 3 of our lucky AAR dogs and also to Maggie and Thula 2 rescue dogs from a private individual asking for help with their travel arrangements. All going to their forever homes around the UK.
Who could forget Mango, just weeks old found at the bins starving, dehydrated and totally bald with a skin condition.
Pearl just days old and dumped at the bins with 5 siblings. Floki (was Merlin) sadly abandoned in the street after his owner had passed away.
Pearl has now found her oyster!
Floki was Merlin , cast a spell and found his new home with a family member of one of our very own volunteers.Anne-Marie Chinn
Unfortunately Mango did not find the owner that she so deserved and was sent back to us without even a settlement period being tried! Good news is that she is awaiting her turn on the next bus to a more deserving owner.
Maggie and Thula , 2 alsation crosses were very luckily rescued by a kind hearted spanish gentleman who brought them back to health and found them new homes in the UK and just needed some help with getting them there.AAR was glad to help.
Gracias to ALL our volunteers, fund raisers and supporters YOU have achieved this

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Wagging Tails in June 17

Axarquia Animal Rescue , with YOUR help, waved goodbye to 8 wagging tails to their new homes in June 2017.
England, Scotland and Wales! Siblings Mork and Mindy who were bin babies found just hours old and Clyde who was found with his lil sis. Bella found in an Olive grove all alone. Lia a very special achievement. She was found abandoned and we fostered her but then her foster moved away so she had to move in to kennels. Not a great place for such a young girl. Then she was promised a UK home but unfortunately the homecheck failed, then she had hope of a home here in Spain but the potential adopters changed their minds.After her very long wait she is now happily settled in her loving new home in Yorkshire.
We were also asked and glad to be able to help repatriate a lovely boy whose owner sadly died suddenly in Spain. He was reunited with his original family in London and settled in as if he had never left.
Simba who was found amongst the rocks in an olive grove flew off to Finland and is now so happy.
Misty was found in June last year and we rehomed her in September th same year here in Spain . Sadly her owner had to return to the UK and couldnt take her with him. So true to our stated commitment "Once an AAR dog, always an AAR dog" we took her back and happily she flew out to her new lovely family in Belgium.
Thank you everyone, this is what your help achieves x

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Peggy And Her Pups Will Always Be Special

Peggy, as she was named, was living rough after having been abandoned in the campo where she was being cruelly abused by locals who imagined that throwing stones at her was a good way to get rid of her. She was painfully thin for a pregnant girl, bedraggled and lost. Attempts to rescue her finally resulted in Peggy being taken to Sam and Jo’s refuge as no foster carers were available to take on the daunting task of being a midwife for the impending birth.
Sam and Jo have been volunteers for AAR since the charity was set up and have dedicated their home and lives to saving dogs (and some cats) that have no home to go to.
After apprehensively watching, waiting, and trying to predict the birth, Peggy finally went into labour on 28 December 2016, with Sam looking on and making sure the births proceeded safely, even managing to video some of them live on Facebook for all to see.
This was probably Peggy’s first (and certainly, final) litter of pups and although six pups survived, two unfortunately were lost, one during the birth which was painful to see, and a second one later. This setback was upsetting
to say the least, but the focus had to be on the remaining six female pups and Peggy.
The children of one of AAR’s supporters were given the task of naming the pups and Lola, Dora, Millie, Mabel, Lily and Alice were decided upon, and these names were used to promote them for adoption as well as identification.
Watching Peggy’s maternal instincts provided much enjoyment and Sam and Jo learned a lot from
watching her and getting involved themselves. They stepped in when Peggy failed in her motherly duties– mainly around keeping them clean, which they took on without hesitation. As they grew and developed their own identities there followed a rollercoaster of emotions as, one by one, interest in adopting escalated. Dora and Lily were the first to be reserved and their adoptive families asked for their names to be changed. Dora became Blue. Her adoptive mum had watched her being born live on Facebook and was intent on giving her a home in Holland. Lily was re-named Willow and was going to London in the UK. Millie, Mabel and Alice were lucky enough to go to the same family.
As soon as they were old enough, Sam and Jo waved goodbye to their beautiful wards, the babies they had watched grow from tiny, helpless creatures to beautiful young dogs, all with their own individual temperaments, yet all confident, friendly and loving.
Lola, the first-born was strangely the last one to be adopted. Still living with Peggy, there was no logic as to why she was still not homed. When Peggy’s photos were seen by a family in Essex, she was reserved and arrangements made for her to travel to the UK. Then, as if by magic, someone in London spotted Lola’s story and immediately fell in love with her. She was reserved and, as luck would have it, she was booked to travel to the UK with her mum Peggy. Unfortunately, Peggy’s adoption fell through, but again as luck would have it, another adopter in the UK - who had fallen in love with Peggy, stepped in and took her into her family.
The adopters of Peggy and her pups have become an extended family for Sam and Jo. They are all in touch with one another so that they can follow progress, Lola and Willow live within 30 minutes from each other so will be able to meet up in the future. Peggy is now living in Dorset. Blue in Holland is regularly featured on Facebook posts and even appeared (albeit in the background) on a Dutch TV programme. The prospect of Peggy and these pups meeting up with each other at some point in the future can’t be ruled out. Mabel, Millie and Alice are living happily with their adopters in Spain.
The chasm left in their hearts at saying goodbye to this special family will always remain for Sam and Jo, but the reward of seeing Peggy and her youngsters all settled in loving homes and in contact with each other, is enough for them to prepare for the next time.

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YeeHaw April !

Yee Haw! This April , AAR and all of you our volunteers and supporters have worked your magic and sent 5 dogs to their new lives in UK and 2 dogs to happy times in Holland. Angus and Woody siblings cruelly left to perish in the rubbish, Perdy, found wandering Los Romanes having recently giving birth, no more wandering for her. Bella , who after a very traumatic start in life has gone to receive some well deserved TLC. Willow and Blue, 2 of our Christmas Peggy pups, enjoying themselves in new homes in UK and Holland. And that just leaves poor little Pixie who was rescued from an abusive home and is now in a loving and safe home in Holland. Gracias x

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February Farewells

5 very special doggies started their new lives in the UK in February. Kitty who was awarded a 2nd place in our Dog Show in 2016. Phoebe, who was given a 2nd chance for happiness after a last minute disappointment.
Benny who had been dumped in the campo as a pup and Max who was also sadly dumped along with his 3 brothers and 3 sisters.
And finally April , a bin baby, found the forever home that was right for her and which she so deservered after such a disappointing start in her forever life.
1 lucky boy , Rupert a beautiful bodeguero cross, flew off to his new home in the Netherlands.
And a special new family travelled all the way from Alicante to come and collect sweet little Mocca themselves.
Thank you everyone, this is the result of everyone pulling together for Axarquia Animal Rescue x

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january travel stats

Axarquia Animal Rescue wrapped up a total of 15 dogs in chilly January and sent them to their forever homes all over Europe.
Rocky Boy and Cara went all the way to Estonia! A first for us.
Denver, found at 3 days old in a plastic bag, Billie , dumped in a box on a volunteers doorstep and Hope, one of 6 pups dumped in Almachar bins , all went to new homes in Belgium.
Cristal who was handed over to us with her 6 siblings and her mum as they were being brought up in terrible conditions, finally found a loving home in Holland. Yuki just 15 days old and dumped in a Torre del Mar bin with her 2 siblings got her happy ending in Germany.
Jasmin, found in bins in Periana, Ted found with his tail hacked off, and Dusty another bin baby from Triana were all happily homed in UK.
But the star of the month is Bella. She was had by the Dog Catcher in Iznate and they left her 9 pups behind.We took on the pups and went to claim Bella from the pound. However when we got there, they told us she had escaped. A long while later She found her way back to Iznate and unfortunately had another litter that we managed to round up. She gave us a real round around but finally we caught her, cared for her and spayed her. Now Bella and 2 of her pups Sammy and Sascha have all got safe and loving homes in the UK.
We also brought back Indi from UK who was adopted by her foster and April came back from France and is now waiting to go to her new home later this month.
Thank you to everyone who volunteers and supports AAR. Together look what we can achieve!

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Christmas Crackers!

Please dont attack us at AAR if we havent responded to you as quickly as you would like or we havent been able to drop everything and collect animals that you have found. We have all being working flat out over the Festive period including Christmas Day and New Years Eve when our volunteers have had to give up their own precious family time.
This has been an unprecedented hectic and stressful time for us. To give you a taster of just some of what we have had to deal with during this time , rescuing an abandoned dog that had his tail docked so short that he now has incontinence problems , looking for a heavily pregnant dog that was moved to Granada after we had already offered to help, resulting in 2 trips to Granada 2 days before Christmas in order to rescue her and provide a safe place for her to have her 7 pups who were born just before New Year. On Boxing Day we were tasked with finding emergency foster within the UK. New Years Eve we were asked to remove a dog from its home in Murcia and bring it back due to a relationship breakdown. New Years Day we had 5 very poorly pups found dumped in a bin, sadly, despite the intense care and love they received by one of our volunteers, they died one by one over the day and evening. Absolutely distressing for the volunteer. Our volunteers also spent New Year Day making emergency logistical plans when a booked transport had to be cancelled due to an outbreak of kennel cough on the proposed route. Rearranging fosters, letting down adopters, finding volunteer drivers etc for 3 dogs. Working with a very distressed family with young children after the untimely death of one of our rehomed dogs just before christmas. Emergency foster after an adopter pulls out of the adoption the day before travel over The 3 Kings. Finding travel crates, flights and flight companions to get 2 dogs to their new home in Estonia. Providing emergency dog behaviourist advice for a newly homed dog to the UK with teething problems settling in. All this as well as coping with the day to day responsibility for the 80 current cases we have active and continuing to fundraise at events and markets and run our charity shop.
So please remember that whilst we are all committed volunteers and we do the very best that we can, we are only human and there are only a limited number of volunteers , particularly scarce over the festive season.

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october travel

October saw AAR dogs happily wagging tails goodbye to set off overseas.
Doogle , who was handed over to us along with his mum and siblings because in his old home they werent treated very well, and Coral, whose devoted owner had sadly passed away, both now very happy in their new homes in the Uk.
Chloe, who survived despite being thrown out of a moving car! Can you believe it? Well, luckily for her she is now in a very loving home in Germany where she is adored.
Finally, Bonny who travelled across Spain to a fabulous new life. At 4 yrs old she turned up at a good samaritans door in the pouring rain, thin, scared but still a gentle little soul.
Of course AAR has locally rehomed many more abandoned and abused dogs in October. Thank you to everyone who gives support to us at AAR, not least our fantastic volunteers, we appreciate each and everyone of you. This is why we do what we do x

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2017 Calendar

Our 2017 Calendars have now sold out. Please contact us if you would like to order a painting featuring your own pets, similar to the ones on the calendar.

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August Travel Figures

An AAR international "Adios Amigos" to 11 dogs in August 2016 rehomed in Finland, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Sally, one of our long termers, finally found happiness in Finland. Rose , thrown away as rubbish and Gracie on the street at just a few weeks old both now thriving in Germany.
Molly, to Sweden, and her sisters Belle and May both to the UK. They were nicknamed the Benamocarra Bin Babies after being found with 2 more siblings at just 3 days old!
Pobrecita Pepsi who was abandoned in a pueblo at 2 yrs old and Rupert who was being given away at a local market now loving life in the UK.
River discovered in a bag at a building site at 4 wks old, adopted and collected by her new family and taken back to a new pampered life in UK.
Finally Peggy and Lambourghini who had been thrown up a steep slope to perish at a few days old, now living together in a loving home along with a young lad as a playmate where I am sure many happy childhood memories will be created.
Thank You to EVERYONE who plays a part in our voluntary work, no matter how big or small that part is, believe us, without you all it just wouldnt be possible.x

Added: Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 3:36 PM

Adopted bandanas available for your adopted dogs €7

Buy a bandana for only €7 and help to raise awareness of AAR when you take your best dressed pooch out for walkies. Available from Trapiche and Puente markets.

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Case Workers urgently needed - can you help?

Do you follow our animals on Facebook? Why not join us as a Case Worker and help one of them find their forever home? Contact us and we´ll tell you how.

Added: Monday 11th July 2016 at 10:07 PM

Dog walkers needed

Volunteers needed to walk and play with our kennel dogs, or just take them with you when you go for a coffee. Please contact us if you can help. Our dogs are in kennels at Riogordo and Puente.

Added: Monday 11th July 2016 at 10:05 PM

Vets in the Axarquia

See a list of some of the vets local to the Axarquia

Reporting Abuse

If you need to report a case of cruelty please contact SEPRONA

If you find a stray ...

dog or cat abandoned in the Axarquia region, here's what to do