Be an AAR Foster Family

AAR does not have a refuge where rescued dogs and cats can be kept and sadly often we cannot help because we need a place of safety and funds to be able to keep the animals safe.

While we look for a forever home for our dogs and cats the best possible solution to the lack of kennelling is to place our animals with foster families.

AAR will pay all veterinary expenses for fostered animals and we can supply any equipment that is needed. Many of out foster families supply their own food, but we will happily supply this too.

What is a Foster home, a foster family?

For a young puppy or kitten a foster home is a very important place. It’s the place where he will learn love, trust and will feel safe and secure, the main things he needs to grow into a great companion for his future forever family. And you, the foster family, will have a wonderful experience watching him grow, learn and develop as well as enjoying his company.

For an adult abandoned dog or cat, a foster home will be the place where he will begin to feel loved again and to trust humans again.

You will have the support of the AAR Team, a dedicated caseworker for 'your' animal who will be in constant communication with you, and we will provide you all the necessary equipment and food for the animal’s care.

We are looking for different foster homes according to what you feel you can manage, but mainly in Axarquia Area.

Please, if you feel you can share your life with a foster dog or cat and give him love and a temporary home, just let us know.

Take your pick from the many animals we have:

  • Puppies: male/female hand-rear (we only home these in 2's) or older big/small sizes, single placement or more
  • Dogs: male/female, large/small, single placement or more
  • Cats/Kittens: male/female, single placement or more

If you would like to help please contact us telling us a little about yourself, your family, your home, your experience with animals, and your preferences, and we will make an appointment to visit you.

Many thanks.

Vets in the Axarquia

See a list of some of the vets local to the Axarquia

Reporting Abuse

If you need to report a case of cruelty please contact SEPRONA

If you find a stray ...

dog or cat abandoned in the Axarquia region, here's what to do