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Hi, my name is Scooby. I'm a male black and tan Cross and I'm 22 months old. I'm a small sized dog. I'm 65cm from nose to tail and 39cm tall, and I weigh 8.50kg . I'm neutered. I'm good with other dogs and children. The team here are still getting to know me and don't yet know how I get along with cats. But I love to meet new friends and I'll be getting socialised with them soon so we'll keep you posted. I've had my vaccinations and have my chip and passport so I'm ready to travel to a new forever home in Spain, or (unless otherwise mentioned) anywhere in Europe.

This is little Scooby, reported to us by a house sitter. They gained his trust and got him to the vets, where he stayed a few nights, then they took him to trusted kennels where he will get the treatment and love needed. He has a bad skin condition, but once he is healed he would need a foster home and a forever home for him. At the moment he still has ways to go as he has just spent a few days in safety. Scooby settled well, but was very nervous on his first days.
He had a lovely surprise two days ago as he was reunited with his friend Vinnie who was also rescued. Scooby was so happy he just kept smiling!! Now the friends enjoy their day beds and chews. Scooby is going to have a bath when he gets little more confident and the skin condition will be sorted out.
Update on Scooby: He has come a long way! He is now at a foster home for a while longer. Little Scooby is a young, small only 8.5kg package of pure love. He is cute and loves cuddles, once he gets to know you. His life has not been easy from the start as he lived rough on the street, so he takes a little time when he meets new people to check them out and be sure of them, but then he may give you his unique full wide smile. This tiny boy truly deservs a loving and understanding forever home.
Scooby is a small boy, only around 8.5kg. Please let us know if you can help little Scooby, foster or offer him a forever home and the kind of life that the little sweetheart deserves.

Update on little boy Scooby doo.
He has come along leaps and bounds during the time that he has been waiting for his very own forever home. He has been to two foster homes now and is getting so much better with all the skils that are needed for being a perfect pet. Walking nicely in the leash and learning re call.
He has so much love and care to give and his also such a funny character and would just fill your home with love and laughter.

15 Nov 2019, Little Scooby was going to his new home in UK, but for no fault of his own, the adoption has been cancelled and now this wonderful sweet boy is up for adoption again.
You could not find a more sweeter loving little dog than what he is and after all the horrors that he has gone through, it's amazing how these beings can manage and come out like a ray of sunshine to make our lives better and happier.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Scooby.

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