Valentino is now living happily in his "Forever Home"

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Sex: Male

Date of birth: 03 May 2019

This little cutie, yet to be named, was very lucky. His finder was sitting in the car listening to music on a country road waiting for her husband and randomly decided to turn off the car while waiting. From inside the car, a tiny tiny meow could be heard, his finder initially thought the noise must have been a bird. But then she heard it again and decided to investigate.

His finder started cooing and meowing herself to see if she might get a response- and sure enough- louder and louder he got, refusing to be ignored. He was lying a in some weeds among cans and trash, eyes entirely crusted and sealed with pus.
After a good clean, warm bottle feed, and a quick run to the vet to get medicine for his eyes it became apparent that this little boy was not going to give up!

He is still really young but he is sweet and loving. He knows very well how to call you from his crate to let you know he needs something, even if all he wants is to say hello! He is still weaning and is taking a combination of bottle and wet food. He uses his litter to pee and poo but still needs to be reminded that he may have to go.

He plays happily with human fingers and looks for cuddles when he gets sleepy. He gets along very well with his older foster cat sister, who uses him as a play thing- believe it or not, he always goes back for more.

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