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Hi, my name is Vinnie. I'm a male white and black Mastin Type and I'm 11 months old. I'm a medium/large sized dog. I weigh 20.00kg . I'm neutered. I'm good with other dogs and cats. The team here are still getting to know me and don't yet know how I get along with children. But I love to meet new friends and I'll be getting socialised with them soon so we'll keep you posted. I've had my vaccinations and have my chip and passport so I'm ready to travel to a new forever home in Spain, or (unless otherwise mentioned) anywhere in Europe.

Vinnie ( AAR 2189 ) was found on the 9th August in a very bad way. He was found in the countryside of Canillas de Aceituno covered in ticks and fleas. He was also very very thin and dehydrated. At first it was difficult to pin point Vinnie's age but a vet has now told us that he is approximately 6 months old. Also at first it was thought that he could be blind and deaf, his eyes were incredibly sore and red. Vinnie has now been to see a specialist eye vet in Malaga and it has been found that he is completely blind in his right eye and partially sighted in his left eye but this is now improving with daily medicated eye drops , his hearing is also improving on a daily basis. Vinnie`s blood has tested negative for all diseases.
Vinnie is currently in foster care with a behaviourist who will train Vinnie to help him cope with his disabilities. Keep an eye on this page for updates and to see his progress.......

Please contact us if you would like more information on Vinnie.

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