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Hi, my name is Nassi. I'm a female brown and white coloured Mastin and I'm 3 years old. I'm a large sized dog. I'm 105cm from nose to tail and 87cm tall, and I weigh 40.70kg . I'm neutered. I'm good with other dogs but the team here are still getting to know me and don't yet know how I get along with cats or children. But I love to meet new friends and I'll be getting socialised with them soon and we'll keep you posted. I've had my vaccinations and have my chip and passport so I'm ready to travel to a new forever home in Spain, or (unless otherwise mentioned) anywhere in Europe.

Early October Nassi was rescued by volunteers from AAR - Nassi was very skinny, and showing some distress as she was scavenging on her own in the countryside. She was underweight and malnourished.
The AAR volunteer took Nassi straight away to the vet for general check-ups - she needed some medical treatment for her skin which she was put on to alleviate the discomfort and heal the wounds. Also Nassi was prescribed to have regular baths for her skin to be done at the vets too.
Nassi was taken afterwards to the kennels where she is resting and recuperating. And in the same time, she has her regular meals with her medication to include some training on the leads by the kennels' owner. She started to put some weight too.
Nassi is showing a lot of progress as she is having fun with her friends at the kennels and she loves her trips to vets for the regular bath. But she is not out of the woods just yet.
Very soon Nassi will be able to say that she is ready for adoption and hopefully move to a foster home..We will keep you updated on Nassi's page.
Update on Nassi's health - Nassi has progressed with her medical treatments and she is looking much better and healthier. Nassi is really enjoying playing with her friends at the kennels and meeting new people too. She now comes forward to say hi, and to let people pet her. All these changes and improvements are credits from the best care and attention of our Kennel owner who is training her and giving her the medical treatments she needs. Also it is a credit to the AAR volunteers who take Nassi to her vet visit and to her weekly bath for the treatment of her skin. And you can see her improvements from the new photos added in her web story page. Very soon Nassi will need to find a foster or an adopter so she can move on with her life and be with her family who will look after her and share their life with her.
Nassi is happy in the kennels at the moment where she can play with her other dog friends, and potter around. However she is not very confident outside this environment of her being in the kennels. Hence Nassi requires a good foster home with a very secure garden and area to roam about and a family who can help Nassi to build her confidence in the outer world step by step so she can gain more strength to face people and want to get out and explore her outdoor surroundings. Other than that, Nassi is such a gorgeous dog wanting to be cared for and be loved too.
If you think you can offer Nassi your home and share with her the best moments of your life as Nassi has a lot of offer you from joy, love, loyalty and happiness, then please email us at axarquia-rescue@ to speak with her caseworker.

Nassi has recently had her neutering operation and everything went well. She is recovering in the kennels and in few days she will go to her foster home here in Axarquia where she will be with a good family who will look after her and cherish her and build up her confidence in the outdoors. She will have a big brother dog with whom she can play in their garden as well as another small dog who is full of energy and love.
Update on Nassi - February 2020 - Well Nassi has been in foster home now for over a month and she is having such a wonderful time with her foster family - going out on walks with her 2 brothers as well as playing with them in the garden chasing and running around. Nassi loves to lounge in the sun on the terrace when the sun is out and warm, and she likes to tease her younger podenco brother Bobby by stealing his tug. She is eating very well and putting on weight too.
Nassi is a much happier dog now, she has started to trust humans and by getting nearer to them more often and wanting some love and attention too.
So Nassi is on the road to recovery, certainly her physical recovery has improved a lot and there is a good progress on her mental recovery with the help of her fosters.
However Nassi needs now a stable and forever home with a secure life with a family who can give her more attention and care so she can enjoy being with them for the rest of her life.
Nassi's health has improved now so much that the vet is so happy with her. And she is enjoying her life in foster home playing with her 2 foster brothers, going out on walks with the family.
Nassi is now ready to be rehomed and she is waiting for someone to offer her forever home which she hopes it will not be too long!! Nassi is a very sweet dog who only wants to be around a family, be loved and to love them and mostly feel secure with them too!

Therefore if you like to offer Nassi your home to share with, please email us at for more information on how to adopt Nassi - she will be so happy to hear that there are people who want her as part of their family.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Nassi.

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