Honey is now living happily in her "Forever Home"

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On the 4th January 2020, a female dog Honey & her eight puppies were reported to AAR by Janice Ann Walker who was visiting the area of Zafarraya - a lovely village in the province of Granada - Spain. Locals were feeding the mother Honey, so she had obviously been there for a while. Janice bought food and left a blanket for them.
It was agreed that although Zafarraya is technically out of AAR area, due to location, weather etc, it was a life or death situation for them. In the evening it was reported that the family was no longer at the place, and the blanket had gone.
It took a while to get exact location point, and rescue was set for the morning of 5th January. Janice met AAR Rescue Team to show where the female dog and puppies were. Meanwhile other people from the village went back in the morning to try and find them.
Honey & pups were located later that day and AAR Rescue Team arrived at the location where a team of locals had been watching the lost family and keeping an eye on the puppies. They managed to catch the mother Honey ready for AAR Rescue Team.
Honey was very friendly, and amazingly trusting as the locals were cuddling her on our arrival. Honey allowed a lady from AAR to put the lead on with no problem and into crate.
The puppies were gathered in a group, collected and put in carriers. Straight away, AAR Rescue Team took the entire family - Honey and her puppies to the Animal Hospital in Velez-Málaga where they were given the full and complete check-up. They were given a good bill of health considering their ordeal in a harsh environment up in the mountains in winter time. Later on they headed to the Kennels where they are together in a warm bed with plenty of food, water and even dog friends to play with.
Honey is doing very well and recovering good from her ordeal especially after the birth of her babies alone in the wilderness.
Honey will start soon her vaccination, microchip and passport as she will be available for adoption within few days when her feeding is completed and her babies are weaned.
From the observation of the people who have seen Honey and while she is in the kennel, Honey is accustomed to be around people as she shows no fear of humans, and she is a very trusting dog, who likes to go on walks and she has no problems with being on leads. She plays well with other dogs - she is a beautiful little dog who will be a superb pet for a family who is willing to share their life with her and give her unconditional love and security and she will reward them plenty.
For more information on how to foster or even to adopt Honey, please email us at axarquia-rescue@hotmail.com.

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