Bilbo is now living happily in his "Forever Home"

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Bilbo showed up in the finders hamlet one day, very friendly and not afraid of people.

Bilbo is still a puppy, mixed breed, expected to be medium size when fully grown.

He walks well on a lead and comes back when left to run off the lead. He is now being trained further on walking in the lead and to sit. He is also being house trained at the moment.

He is very receptive, says his foster mommy, "In the last few days he has started to chew up books and pens and paper. I have growled at him and he has run out of the room I put a pen on the floor and waited for him to get it. When he did I growled at him again. Then I offered it to him several times and he turned away. I think he will be easy to train." she tells us.

She goes on by saying; "He is a really great dog, well balanced and easy going. My mastiff helps by telling him off when he is too boisterous etc.He is a cheeky little chappy, he always thinks that her food is preferable to his own and he tries to sneak her food whenever he can.”

Bilbo is a friendly little boy, good with everyone including cats, he gets walked up to another ladies home in the neighbourhood most days and plays with her 5 dogs. They all love him, so does her son, whose 12.

In summary. Bilbo is a very well rounded, easy going, smart, cute and cuddly puppy and would make an awesome pet.

He has had almost all his vaccinations, a microchip and passport, so just about ready to pack up his suitcase and head for his forever home.

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