Rex is now living happily in his "Forever Home"

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Tonio was found on the streets in Torre del Mar, very lethargic. Now safe in an emergency foster home. He will need a new foster home in the next few days, or better still a home of his own.
Tonio is a lively confident little puppy & typically charged young dog. He has settled to sleeping all night now (7 hrs) . He is eating puppy kibble. He likes company as he follows his foster mother around the house. He sleeps well in his basket and is happy in his puppy cage when foster needs to leave him temporarily unattended. He has met the cat and was curious but now he plays with him. The foster's mastin dog is mothering him and teaching him manners.Tonio is behaving like a normal puppy and enjoying his foster life at the moment.
He is very playful and inquisitive. He isn't shy of the other dogs and has been reprimanded by them when he goes too far but this doesn't really bother him. He loves my cat (6 months old) and enjoys rough and tumble with him as well as the occasional cuddle up. He is a confident pup and determined to do something when he wants to so he does need a firm NO and a finger wag.
New noises (tractors, strimmers etc) do scare him and he comes squealing back to me for reassurance and comfort.

Tonio is now adopted and living in the UK.
He adores being cuddled and loves to cuddle up to my dogs if they let him. He is sleeping in his own bed at night downstairs with the other dogs but secured within a puppy pen. He does tend to scream and bark when you leave him there but gets off to sleep within 20 mins so it is best just to leave him to cry it out. He gets up around 7am every morning and after toilet and some breakfast he climbs upstairs and gets in bed for morning cuddles and nap. He likes the dregs of his foster mother cup of tea so whoever has him must keep their mugs out of reach. Again as he left his Mum so young he still likes to suckle but forgets he does have sharp little teeth. He has a fleece blanket to keep warm at night and to chew on when needed.
He eats well 4 small meals a day mainly puppy kibble but supplemented with tuna, scrambled egg etc. He will sit down waiting for his bowl. He also fetches balls or (small oranges) and brings them back to you and understands LEAVE. He definitely knows his name. He is still not completely house trained particularly if he gets excited but it is slowly getting better. Im sure he will be a quick learner.
Now he has started his initial vaccination and soon he will complete the rest of vaccination to be ready to travel anywhere in Europe, UK or Spain.
If you are interested in adopting Tonio AAR2269, please email us at

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