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Available to foster or adopt

Name: Dodger (Ref: 2275)

Status: In kennels, available for adoption

Sex: Male

Breed: Mixed

Date of birth: 16 May 2015 (5 years)

Chipped: No

Spayed/Neutered: No

Dodger was rescued on 15th May 2020, he had obviously been living rough for some time, and had been fed for the last few days by a kind neighbour who reported him to us. Dodger is small to medium size, very wary of people at the moment, but doesn't seem phased by other dogs. He is now staying at the vets where his wounds and scarring will be treated, and will move to kennels when he is well enough. He isn't ready for adoption yet, but his story can be followed on our facebook page.

New Update from Dodger AAR2275 - As you have read above, few days ago I was rescued by the great volunteer team of Axarquia Animal Rescue from the terrible life I was in. A lovely man Jouni Sironen had spotted me wondering around a house where other healthy dogs lived. I wanted to attract the attention of their owners to ask them for some food as I was starving and feeling very ill. After being checked thoroughly by the vet, I was given a haircut and a bath. My injuries were treated too.

Now I have moved to my new foster home where I am given my own warm bed, and my own spacious area to rest and recover.
From the photos you can see that I have started to gain some strength to make few walking steps and I am eating very yummy meals cooked by my foster mother!!

Update on my status in the foster home: So far my foster mother has been looking after me so well, feeding me lots of nice meals which I love, giving me my medications as well as taking me to the vets for check-ups.
And I can come out of my lovely kennel for walks in their big garden to stretch my weak legs and get some exercises. Sometimes some of their other dogs join me in the garden too but I am still unsure if I want to interact with them. But I am doing all my best to socialise with them as they seem a very good group of friends. They want to play with me and to be honest I do want that too but I am a bit apprehensive still. I will work on that!!

My foster mother has given me a bath - OH that was a bit strange for me as I have never been bathed before - But it felt good when she massaged my back while shampooing me - I suppose this bath is good for my skin to heal from my injuries and to keep them clean too!! Afterwards I was given a nice treat!! Yummy !!

So since my rescue my health is improving slowly and all this is due to the care I receive from my foster mother. Few days ago I met my caseworker who visited me. She was gentle with me and did not pressure me to interact with her as I did not know well. May be next time!!
I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to rescue me and donated to AAR for my care.
Don't forget AAR needs a lot of funding to help dogs like me, so please keep donating - you can find information about donation on this AAR website and AAR Facebook pages. 😘😘😘👍👍

Latest update from Dodger:
"I have improved so much lately and I have gained confidence in myself to a point that I am so playful with my two friends Tula and Salva at my foster kennel. There are other dogs here but some of them are bigger than me so I am wary of going near them, but soon I will - all in good times.
My health has improved greatly as I have been taking all my medications. My skin condition has all cleared since being rescued,
My fur has come back so fluffy and soft. And I look so handsome too as it seems that everybody who visit us at the kennel want to cuddle me. It is good to feel clean, healthy and strong too.

However I am still nervous when people approach me especially with the ones who I don't know because of my past experiences, but my fosters and my finder Jouni I allow them to fuss over me because I know that they are very nice and kind people and they have been looking after me so well to get me back in shape.
I have had no more medical problems and my overall health is good.
Oh and I have such a great appetite now as my fosters feed me very good food and I love my treats very much as they are my favourite.

So if you want to Adopt me, you can email AAR at and my caseworker will get in touch with you.
Don't forget I am waiting here to hear from you.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Dodger.

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