Bueno is now living happily in his "Forever Home"

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Update = Trueno is NOW Adopted in Spain.
Trueno was kept outside his owners' house in the back garden, not allowed to be indoors, food was thrown to him on the floor, the children hit and kicked him if he tried to enter the house, he was badly treated and malnourished by the entire family. He had no life, other than the outdoor patio where he was kept at all times with no bed to sleep on, no food or water bowls either. He had no cover for shelter from heat or rain or cold weather. He was never taken out for walks nor played with other dogs.
Rescued and fostered by a kind lady, he is now learning to trust people and understand that not everyone will hurt him like before. He is finding out what a family life is about as he is sharing a house with other dogs and he is sleeping indoors too.
Trueno gets on well with other dogs and cats, and he plays well with them but he is still wary of humans, he is good and clean in the house, and likes people once he gets to know them.
Trueno is going through intensive training with his foster mother to gain confidence in being around people and not to feel threatened by them, but to be loved and cared by people! He has been going out on walks, and runs with the locals to interact with them and strengthen his confidence in humanity. He is doing very well so far and he has improved a lot so far.

With the right family, and with patience and dedication Trueno will be able to live with a family who can give him the time and energy to continue with his training and essentially to give him loads of love, care and attention too as he will reward them with his loyalty, love, companionship and mostly loads of cuddles as he loves them a lot!!

In general, Trueno is more or less good with cats - best from afar. He needs to be introduced to them slowly.
Not good with children and teenagers as he was abused by his previous family and their children.
He is house trained, sleeps well over night, eats well and loves playing with other dogs.
Therefore Trueno is now on the recovery road to a better life and he is ready for Rehoming and available for adoption.

For more information on Trueno, you can email us at axarquia-rescue@hotmail.com, and for donating to help with the cost, check our Donation Page for details on how to donate to AAR on our website.

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