Say hello to Angel (AAR 2333)

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Available to adopt

Name: Angel (Ref: 2333)

Status: In foster home, available for adoption

Sex: Female

Breed: Podenco Cross

Date of birth: 01 February 2019 (3 years)

Chipped: Yes

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Angel has just spent her very first Christmas in a foster home, enjoying laying by the fire and all the love and comforts a family home provides.
Rescued in September 2020. She was totally emaciated..She was rescued from a small pen she was being kept in, no food or water. Up to this point she clearly hadn't had much luck in life. There were no foster homes available so Angel was taken to kennels where she immediately showed how friendly and loving she is. She steadily gained weight and health. Then more bad luck came her way. She developed ligament problems with her back legs and had to undergo operations for these. She was recovering well, when more bad luck arrived. She developed a very bad infection to a front leg, spent time at the vets followed by daily visits for many weeks. All this time she remained happy but lost muscle strength. A very kind volunteer offered to take Angel to her home so she could start swim therapy to rebuild her muscles. All was going very well with the desired effect but then even more bad luck was thrown her way when Angel developed a rash which the vets felt was probably caused by the chlorine in the pool so the swimming therapy has had to stop.
Angel really doesn't deserve all this bad luck and If ever a dog deserved some "Good Luck" it is Angel.
She is such a happy loving dog who just needs her very own forever home.
She gets on well with other dogs, will careful introductions we believe she could get used to living with cats but her biggest love is for humans, she loves us all.

Please contact us if you would like more information on Angel.

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