We believe that one of the most important ways of having a positive impact on animal welfare here in Spain is to get our message into the Spanish and International schools in the Axarquia area. We also believe that education and awareness are vital in affecting change and attitudes towards dogs and cats here in Spain.

We are in the process of designing an Education Programme to take into schools. It will involve interactive sessions with the children, supported by a ‘take home’ Education Pack for each child.

The actual sessions will also include safety around dogs and responsible dog ownership, including what dogs need for health and happiness, the importance of neutering and the cruelty of abandoning dogs and puppies.

The level of information in the sessions will be adapted to suit either primary or secondary schools or colleges.

We are talking to town halls in the Axarquia area to gain their support and hopefully financial contribution.

This education, info and awareness programme will raise the visibility of key issues – in our particular area here in Spain the priority is getting the message across the importance of neutering and also preventing dogs/puppies being abused and dumped. But we also want to give positive messages about the benefits and the sheer joy of responsible pet ownership, which in turn may help us to find more fosterers or forever homes.

If you would like us to come and talk to your school or group, or if you would like to be involved in helping us to deliver the education programme, then please contact us.

Vets in the Axarquia

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Reporting Abuse

If you need to report a case of cruelty please contact SEPRONA

If you find a stray ...

dog or cat abandoned in the Axarquia region, here's what to do